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shouldbereading.wordpress.com asks three questions every week for WWW Wednesdays.  Check out the blog for MizB’s responses.  I think it’s a good, quick way to keep readers updated on what’s going on in my reading world.  Here are my answers:

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What are you currently reading? A little while ago I was browsing through Kobo in search of something interesting to read.  The 8 book bundle of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Series was specially priced, so I figured, why not?  I am currently reading book 3, Voyager.  Although I am enjoying them, I feel like I’m on Victorian Scotland overload.

What did you recently finish?  I haven’t been able to kick my trashy book habit.  As a break from the world of Outlander, I read Claire Delacroix’s The Highlander’s Curse – it was everything the title implies…and I think it finally kicked my trashy book habit (for now, anyway).

What do you think you’ll read next? Maybe something from my Goodreads list, or a recommended read from one of the fabulous book blogs I follow.  

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What I’ve Learned From Reading Trashy Books

1.  I really love strong, female characters that speak their mind – fortunately, only one of the books I’ve been indulging in had a weak heroine that succumbed to her counterpart’s charms…well, I guess they all eventually do, but at least the strong ones show great wit as they match wills with their romantic interest.

2.  I’m so happy to have been born in the twentieth century.  The constant reminders that in medieval times women were a breath away from being raped, beaten and slain made me very grateful for the evolution of human rights. (And, sad that many women in other parts of the world still live with this fear on a daily basis).

3.  I now know what chausses (men’s pants), kirtles (women’s dresses), chemises (women’s underclothes) and tabards (vest-like sweaters…kind of like tunics) are.

4.  I don’t have to read every word of a book to “get it” – skimming through unneccesarily-descriptive parts to get to the good parts no longer induces discomfort or guilt.

5.  Too much trash is bad for you – as with food and bad television, bad books cause your brain to implode.  It was a great escape when I needed the break – and, now I know where to turn when life gets really stressful.  But, I am in need of a read that will offer me insights greater than how the touch of a man can cause a woman’s skin to quiver 🙂

What do you learn from your guilty pleasures?

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Reading Trashy Books and Loving It!

I have been very quiet lately.  Midterms.  Mommyhood.  Wifehood.  Oh yeah, and the few, fleeting moments that I steal for myself when I stubbornly sit and refuse to let anything else take away from my reading time.  This has been my life of late.  I try to catch up with blogs – but I mostly catch up via Twitter.  Sounds like everyone’s having a grand time – which warms my heart.

I have a confession to make.

I have drifted away from more “literary” reads (if you can call them that) and have started reading books that are more romance oriented, historical fiction romance to be exact.  You know the type – bold heroine, dashing hero, hot passionate sex and an adventure with lots of horse-back riding that inevitably leads to ever-lasting love in a grand castle of sorts.  Completely and utterly unbelievable.

I’m eating it up.  My brain is thanking me for the break from incessant thinking and analysis.

At first, I thought it a bit ironic considering my loathing of 50 Shades of Grey…but these books have strong characterization, strong (albeit, formulaic) plots and they have (what I think is) a good grounding in history (important for historical fiction).

Now, as I write this, I realize that these books aren’t trashy after all.  I think I would insult the legions of fans of this genre to call these books trashy.  They are pure fun and definitely help me unwind from long, stressful days.

Hmmm….change in direction for my blog?  Who knows?  In the meantime, I will keep reading and (hopefully) writing about my new-found interest in romantic historical fiction.

Do you ever find yourself reading (or doing) something completely out of character and find it totally refreshing?