Wednesday Quotables: Expecting

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35 weeks.  5 weeks left…though if she’s anything like her brother, she’ll be here in 2.5 weeks.  

Oh shit.  

I’m ready! I swear I am…but I feel more comfort from 5 weeks than 2.5!!!  I had an ultra sound today to make sure all was good – and it seemed like it was (full results at next week’s appointment).  She’s in position and her face was all smooshed so on the monitor she didn’t exactly look human…anyway, I’m sure she’s human.

On the drive home I thought today’s post would be about expecting and expectations in general. Here are some quotes that I found and loved.  Hope one (or all) resonate with you somehow!

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This has been my experience from the moment I find out I am pregnant.  Which is why losing a pregnancy – regardless of stage – is so devastating.  Knowing that a growing life is inside you is marvellous.

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Then I read this quote and it applies to expecting a baby or expecting any other event in your life.  If you’re always living for tomorrow…then what happens to all the great stuff you’re living through today?  And, even if it’s not so great…there’s a purpose for it.  I can’t wait for this baby to be born and be rid of varicose veins in places varicose veins should never be found, be rid of high glucose and get my body back.  I will miss the feeling of always having her with me, of feeling her move, kick and be supremely happy (because that’s what she’s feeling of course) inside mommy!

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This quote reminded me of teaching.  Adults who do not work with teens always are in awe that I spend my days with them.  Teens are awesome.  Even the not so awesome ones have some redeeming quality.  Same goes for adults – except I find I am more forgiving of teens because they’re supposed to mess up.

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I can understand completely how this applies to motherhood.  It is, however, a tough one in relationships – many of us seem to always be looking at what our partner has given (or not given) us…perhaps it is a matter of what we’ve given (or not given) them.  Turn the tables and see how well we fare.

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(from –  Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience)

I’ve never read nor come across this book; maybe one day.  I loved the quote.  So many of us walk around without loving ourselves fully – for different reasons…we feel it’s selfish, we were never taught to, it was not modelled for us etc. At some point we need to take charge for who we are and how we want to experience life.  If we want a life of love then we have to start with ourselves first…the rest will just fall into place.  It will.  (Not to be confused with arrogance)

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Look around.  Be grateful – you have everything you need and then some.

So what did you think of today’s quotes?  Any ring true, hit home, make your blood boil?  Share your thoughts!

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Having a Baby Does Not Mean You Will Lose Yourself

I follow an organization for parents in the Greater Toronto Area on twitter: Life With A Baby.  Today they had a great tweet and link to their blog:

When my son was born, my world stopped.  It all revolved around him.  At first I was so out of sorts.  I had no idea what I was doing, felt completely incompetent and in true Karen fashion, decided I would master this whole mothering thing. I failed to realize that I didn’t need to master anything.  I was enough the way I was for my son.  I also failed to realize that he wouldn’t be a newborn forever.

Since this is my second go at having a baby, I know what I need to hang onto myself: stop trying so hard, time to sleep, write a blog post or two, read something other than parenting books, ask for help, rely on my friends. These things will all help me to remember me and to survive the demands of a newborn. However, I think the most important lesson I’ve learned is that it is all temporary.

Those first few weeks of figuring out feeding and sleeping are insane.  It is so much work as you get to know the little person that lived inside you for 40 weeks!  It is overwhelming.  It is exhausting.  It is frustrating and amazing and awesome. And, it won’t last forever.

Very soon there will be time to go on dates again, go back to the gym, read books I love, keep up with the twitter/facebook/blogging world, meet friends for lunch or coffee etc. Once those first 6-8 weeks pass and the craziness passes, I will have a chance to reconnect with myself.

I will be able to play with my son,  play with my daughter and revel in being a mommy without being defined by it. I will enjoy every minute, be grateful for what I have and remember that I am living in a temporary reality that will change and change and change.  The demands of a baby will disappear into the demands of a toddler and I’ll eventually have another pre-schooler saying “I Know Mommy!”  when I remind her to pick up her toys or finish her veggies. The baby that demanded my time will be gone forever and I’ll have myself back.

Above all, I think the most important thing to remember is to keep in touch with that internal voice. If it says “I am happy”, then all is good.  If it says otherwise, then I will listen to it and act accordingly. After all, this is what we do when we are being true to ourselves.

How did you hang on to yourself after having a baby?  Any strategies that helped and you’d love to pass on?

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What Would I Change About Myself?

I chose to write today’s NaBloPoMo post on the prompt provided for Wed. Nov.6:

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

I have a feeling the answer to this question would have been very different 10, 15 years ago…

I am not unlike most women who can rattle off a list of things that are “wrong” with their bodies – height, weight, shape, width, hair, skin type, teeth, feet etc.  You named it, I would have a criticism for it. Except, lately, my criticisms are less sharp, more forgiving – they are virtually non-existent.

Is it age?  Is it the deep respect I have for my body’s ability to create and deliver life?  Is it spending my days teaching teenage girls, sensing their anxiety and being so grateful I am no longer at that stage?

Perhaps it is all of it.

I am happy with physical me.  It is a peaceful place to be.

In terms of internal me…it’s a bit of a different story.  I continually ask myself “What kind of woman/wife/mother/teacher/daughter/friend/writer do I want to be?” and I strive to be her.  When I do not meet my expectations I am terribly hard on myself.

Where I have learned to accept my body, I need to fully accept me and stop trying so hard to be the super woman/wife/mother/teacher/daughter/friend/writer.  Most importantly, I’d like to hush that judge that lives inside and just be.  While I enjoy every moment, see it’s beauty and worth I want to give myself the fearlessness to be, the eradication of the inner critic and the strength to forgive my errors with the same compassion I show others.

Change is not easy, but when it will bring you good, it is worth it.

What would you change about yourself?

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Great Quotes – Words That Inspire

I hope you find something in the following quotes that’ll speak to you.

On Strength (from Quotes N Smiles)

On Being Positive (from Quotes Pictures):

On Love (from Quote Pixel):

On Being Authentic (from Alame Leadership):

On Being Happy (from Krista Kubie):

On Books:

On Reading (from Books and Beverages):

Which (if any) of these speak to you?  Do you have a quote that you love?  Share it below!

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Finding Time To Read

From by Dave Berry

So many books and so little time to read them all.  I’ve stopped keeping a TBR list because it’s length has become daunting.

I like lists – because they help keep me organized and I can tick off items as I go and feel that I’ve accomplished something. I’ve been efficient.  I’ve completed goals.

When that list grows exponentially as I barely knock any items off – I feel stressed.  And, reading has always been a source of comfort and relaxation for me – never a stressor!  I’d like to keep it that way.

I’ve always LOVED night time reading and it was when I did most of my reading.  There was nothing better than getting into bed and promising myself that I’d only read for 10 minutes and getting so absorbed by the plot and characters that the next time I looked at the clock, two hours had gone by.  I am too exhausted for this type of reading session these days and need to change it up.

I need a new list – a list of ways I can squeeze in valuable reading time.  Here is my short plan of action:

  1. Download an audio book – I can listen to one while cooking or driving or doing laundry etc  (as long as my son isn’t around because it is when kids know they can’t have your attention that they want it the most. Immediately.)
  2. Stick to 10-15 minutes of night time reading – otherwise I’ll wake up hours later, glasses askew and drooling all over my book or e-reader having completely forgotten what I did manage to read.
  3. Create a quiet corner just for me – we are in the midst of preparing for a move (yay!) And, for our new home, I’ve purchased a pretty, comfortable chair in which I envision myself under a cozy blanket holding a great book.  Every so often I will sip my tea (or, wine after December – baby’s arrival), and look out the window onto our lovely garden. Ahh!
  4. Read while my husband watches the hockey game, or soccer game, or football game…instead of catching up on other things that can always wait, I can read.

There.  These are doable and will help me get back on track with one of my favourite things to do.  I can’t wait to get started.

How do you make time for reading?

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