WWW Wednesday

Weekly meme at shouldbereading.wordpress.com asks 3 questions every Wednesday. This where I’m at in my reading these days:

What are you currently reading?

The-Husbands-SecretThe Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty. I’ll be writing about my reading so far in tomorrow’s post, Bookish Thursdays





What did you recently finish reading?

Around Valentine’s day there were so many recommended “Swoon-worthy” reads that I had to jump in and start reading them. I’ve been reading Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series…and while they are definitely sweet and swoon-worthy, they are also leaving me a little bit troubled. I’m working on a post about this that will also be published on a Bookish Thursday soon.

What do you think you’ll read next?

I’ll probably finish the Bridgerton series or move on to The Accidental Bookclub by Jennifer Scott or The Glass Kitchen by Linda Francis Lee…not sure yet.


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Books I’d Like to Re-read

I read a review of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility today at The Bookshelf of Emily J.  It was a re-read for her and she “yawned” through the novel even though she remained aware of the importance of Austen’s work in terms of women’s issues in her time.

That got me thinking…would I agree or disagree with Emily on this?  How would I read books now that I loved in my younger years?

It’s not like my TBR list isn’t long enough, but I’d like to plunge into these books for a second (perhaps third) time and see if they will impact me the same way as they did when I first read them.  In no particular order:

I loved this book.  I had a journal full of quotes from Ellison’s work.  The protagonist was so utterly lost and trying to find himself.  He had no idea where he belonged…the journey of self discovery…a very real journey for most people in their early twenties.  I wonder if I’d read it with the same passion now that I feel “found”.

(image from rosati.net)

After reading Emily J’s review, I would add this to my list.  I didn’t love Sense and Sensibility as much I loved Pride and Prejudice.  I wonder if Austen’s works can still work their magic on me.

(image from kelseyrolfe.wordpress.com)

This book left me confused yet enthralled.  Garcia Marquez’s writing is unbelievable. I almost feel the need to read this novel again so I can absorb the beauty of the author’s writing, hopefully understand it and maybe, I’ll still love it.

(image from jestersdozen.com)

I really hated Estella and Miss Haversham.  Would I feel the same way today?

(from rereadinglives.blogspot.com)

What books from your younger reading days would you reread?

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