Armchair BEA: Ask for Advice and Give a Tip

Today’s Armchair BEA post is designed for less experienced bloggers (like me) to ask a question about blogging and for more experienced bloggers to share advice.

I feel like I’ve read so much information already throughout this conference, that I’m finding it difficult to formulate questions.  But, there are a few:

1.  How do you know that the questions at the end of your post will prompt discussion?

2.  Does a blogging schedule work for you or do you post at random, whenever fancy strikes?

3.  Do you tend to return a “follow” automatically, or check out a blog before doing so?

4.  How do I create a cool button and header image?

I am by no means an experienced blogger, but I have learned to stay true to me, find my own voice/writing style – a phony is easy to spot.  And, read what I like. This was a tough one at first because I thought I had to read what was current and all the rage.  Not so – that’s what makes this so much fun.  These same pieces of advice have been echoed in other blogs, particularly, Heather @ Between the Covers and A Bookworm’s Life.

Thanks for everyone who visited this week.  Hope all of this back and forth won’t end with the conclusion of Armchair BEA.