Blog of the Year Award 2013!

November was busy!  New home.  Home renos to said home.  Preparing for new baby.  Coping with complications with pregnancy and third trimester stuff. Oh, and NaBloPoMo…which seemed to have ended for me about a week early.

Then amidst the daily chaos of life I found this lovely comment from Melanie Jean Juneau at Mother of Nine9:

you have been awarded the BLOG of the YEAR by melanie at

I was flabbergasted.  And giddy.  And, oh so grateful!

The rules for Blog of the Year 2013 Award are:

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I will begin with #6 – Thank you so much Melanie from Mother of Nine9!  I love reading your blog.  You have a lovely perspective on parenting and children that aligns with my own.  Also, you have become a strong supporter of Book Marks, so thank you!

Here’s #1 & #2:  I love reading these blogs and I am grateful to these bloggers for always being so supportive of me and my blog!

Jessica Vealtzik at TRUE Stories – Jessica writes such an honest blog and tackles all sorts of subjects from the very personal, to parenting and best of all she allows many to tell their true stories on her blog.  Jessica offers a variety of perspectives on the experiences of women and family through story telling.  She has also recently published her first novel.  Looking forward to reading it!

Heather Lindskold at Between the Covers – Heather is my book blogging guru. I am normally in awe of the way she devours books and offers such succinct, clear and fair reviews.  She LOVES books and reading. It is a great blog for book lovers.

Bulging Buttons – this is a fun, diverse blog.  I came across this blog during NaBloPoMo and am very happy to have connected with this blogger.

Dawn Kealing at Life, Love and Adventure – I also met Dawn through NaBloPoMo.  She has a great travel blog and reminds me of my younger self.  I have fun reading through her adventures and travels.

Rebecca Scaglione at Love at First Book – Rebecca is another dedicated book blogger.  She too reads through so many books and offers great reviews.  Her blog is all things bookish and she inspired my Friday 5 Favourites.

Franco at Peach, Plum, Orange – Franco writes honestly on all sorts of subjects – and responds to comments quite thoughtfully which is great for discussions.

I foresee lots of time away from the blog once baby arrives, but in the meantime I will try to continue blogging and keeping up with my favourite blogs.

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Liebster Award

I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Christina Jones at Seventeen:20. Thank you so much Christina Jones!  I am so thankful since my blogging lately has been sporadic at best. I have found it extremely difficult to incorporate my blog into the demands of every day life and so am pleasantly surprised when new readers visit, comment and even nominate me! It is humbling and a reminder to keep the blog alive.

Now, to fulfill the 4 requirements of the award.

Part 1:  11 Facts About Me

  1. I am fluent in Spanish.
  2. I am the eldest of two children.
  3. I have been married for 7 years; together for 12 years.
  4. I am a Pisces.
  5. My first car was a Hyundai Accent.
  6. Ice cream can be eaten at any time.
  7. I am 19 weeks pregnant.
  8. I used to frown upon the idea of botox…now that those frown lines are getting more visible, I am surprisingly open to the idea (post-pregnancy of course).
  9. Trashy books are awesome.
  10. I am an optimist.  I believe in the power of our thoughts.  I believe in the connections we share with each other and the universe.
  11. I have a HUGE extended family and love them dearly.

Part 2: Answer 11 Questions by Christina Jones

  1. What is your favorite song?  Changes often.
  2. Why did you start blogging? Because I love to write.
  3. What is your favorite book?  Oh boy…just one?  The Shadow of The Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon (off the top of my head)
  4. Do you have any kids? If so, how many? 1 gorgeous 4 year old boy and a baby on the way
  5. Favorite color? Red
  6. Favorite food? Hmmm…Japanese…Italian…Ice Cream…
  7. What was your first car?  Hyundai Accent
  8. Where did you grow up?  Toronto & Colombia
  9. Would you rather play the sport or be the spectator? I am an active person, but not sporty so I’d rather watch
  10. Favorite movie?  Moulin Rouge, Braveheart, Devil Wears Prada
  11. What do you want to be when you grow up?  Haha. I want to be the person that gets paid to go to all the best resorts and spas and rates them.

Part 3: Devise 11 Questions for My Nominees

    1. Favourite place you’ve visited?
    2. What’s your dream job?
    3. One place in the world you’d love to move to?
    4. Favourite Book?
    5. Favourite Movie?
    6. Best Memory?
    7. What’s the most delicious thing you can cook?
    8. Sunrise or Sunset?
    9. Something you’ve crossed off your bucket list?
    10. Favourite Childhood Book/Story?
    11. Blog you visit (almost) everyday?

Part 4: My 11 nominees for the Liebster Award

  1. SweetJellyBean
  2. Between the Covers
  3. Nikki Owen
  4. True STORIES
  5. Milo’s Telescope
  6. The Bookshelf of Emily J
  7. Should be Reading
  8. Mama Tattoo
  9. Blogging for a Good Book
  10. Enchanted by Books
  11. Fourth Street Review

The Rules

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog. Thank you, Christina Jones at Seventeen:20. (
  2. Post 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions asked of you, and create 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate.
  3. Nominate 11 blogs you think deserve to be noticed, and leave comments letting them know that they’ve been chosen.
  4. Display the Liebster Award logo.
  5. No tag-backs.

And the winner is…

Moon Point is a quirky movie about love, the lengths we go to for love and the lessons we learn along the way.  It was produced and directed by Sean Cisterna. He also directed The Danger Bees music video for Awkward Guy.

Both of these films picked up some serious hardware the other night at the York Region Multimedia Film Festival winning Best Drama, Best Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Cinematography and First Place in the Feature Film trailer competition.

If you haven’t seen the newly “award winning” video by The Danger Bees yet, it’s here:

Recently, The Mind Reels, posted a review of Moon Point; you may wish to read it in it’s entirety to gain a better understanding of the movie.  A good summary of the movie was provided:

“Darryl Strozka (played by new-comer Nick McKinlay) is a twenty-something stuck in a point of his life that we all drift through a some point. He’s directionless, jobless and loveless, and he’s emotionally stuck at the age of 10. A point that none of his family are willing to let go, and seem to bring up ad nauseam, especially when they compare him to his cousin Lars.  We meet Darryl and Lars at an engagement party for Lars…When pressured and belittled about who he’s bringing to the wedding, Darryl reveals that he’s going to bring minor celebrity Sarah Cherry (Kristen Gutoskie)  as his date.  You see, they have a history, brilliantly illustrated through flashback, and some of the most enjoyable parts of the film… Sure it was when they were 10, but if he still hasn’t gotten over it, then maybe she hasn’t either.  Sarah is shooting a low-budget horror movie a couple of towns over in Moon Point, but without a job to pay for transport, and without a license to drive, how will he get there?  Darryl enlists the help of his handicapped friend, nicknamed Femur…and using his motorized wheel-chair towing a wagon, they set out on a trip that will redefine both of them.” (courtesy of The Mind Reels)

It’s always nice when talent is recognized.  Congratulations Sean and all others who shared in your accomplishment.

Is there someone in your life who has done something creative and outstanding?