Mother! Wow. Just, Wow.


I loved Black Swan. I hated The Wrestler. So, I wasn’t really sure what to expect when my husband convinced me to go see Darren Aronofsky’s latest, Mother!

I watched the movie a while ago. Thoroughly dissected it with my husband that very night and a dear friend a week later. And, it still remains with me.

The film sung to my literary soul from the very beginning. I loved, loved, loved being asked to turn on my brain and see the story through the lens of allegory, symbolism and metaphor. This is not a movie to take literally. If your trips to the movies must involve sheer and utter entertainment without thought…this may not be the movie for you.

However, if you are at all feeling riled up by the present social, political, cultural climate created by our neighbours to the south, and even many issues which we face in Canada (we, loathed to admit, are far from perfect), then this film will move every single one of your senses to feel complete outrage at the audacity with which we treat women, the earth, our homes, ourselves and our relationships with greater powers (i.e./ God).

This film is not for the faint of heart. But, I think that was the whole point anyway. We can’t stick our heads in the sand and hope the horrors of life will just disappear. We are forced to look at ourselves and what we have done, what we have created in order to figure out how to dismantle it and recreate it before it destroys us.

Jennifer Lawrence’s nameless character is poetic and Javier Bardem’s nameless character is so frustratingly positive. Each minor character elicits discomfort, disgust, rage and even pity. The acting was superb and the story was powerfully woven right to its dramatic conclusion. Not once were we let off the hook.

A great movie for a strange and important time.

Did you see Mother!? What did you think?

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