Bookish Thursdays: Reading The Husband’s Secret

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I’m on chapter 20 of 59. I thought I was moving right along and then I saw that there are 59 chapters! They go by quickly, but I’ve got a lot of plot left!



The Husband’s Secret is not at all what I expected. I thought I was in for light reading, but the circumstances of these characters are anything but light.

I love Moriarty’s narration so far. It is light. It is fun and easy. Yet, her characters experience great turmoil. Moriarty cleverly blends the darkness of very painful experiences with the lightness of every day routines and idiosyncrasies. It’s almost as if she’s making light of the characters…but she isn’t.

Having said that, it took me a while to get used to her narrative voice. I was really annoyed in Chapter 1 by how long it took for Cecilia to get to the letter…it went on and on about the Berlin Wall, and the Berlin Wall was a great analogy for the events opening the novel and I guess it captured Cecilia’s character quite nicely, but still…get on with it! When that was all finally over though, I was hooked.

I hate (love) the way each chapter ends with something I really want to keep reading about and the next chapter continues the story of another character (which I remember, oh yeah, I want to know about this too!)

And, THE SECRET. Oh, the secret! I finally discovered the secret and it wasn’t a complete shocker – but I didn’t expect it to be so…well, so coldly revealed. WTF, John-Paul?!? Can you IMAGINE finding out something like THAT about your husband? I really thought Cecilia would read it before seeing John-Paul which might have made for more dramatic tension. How do you ever look at the man the same way again?

I’m also very intrigued by Tess’ storyline…why oh why do Felicity and Will have to fall in love? Isn’t there another way to get Tess to Sydney than the betrayal of her husband and cousin/best friend?

I’m racking my brain trying to tie all the plots together. Right now it’s like one of the floor puzzles I do with my son. The pieces are large and obvious but I still can’t see how they come together. It’s driving me crazy! How does Tess fit into Janie’s murder? On what level is Connor responsible? What will Cecilia do? And, poor Rachel…

So far, I’m really enjoying The Husband’s Secret and am looking forward to seeing how it all falls into place, especially now that Cecilia knows the truth. What will she do

What are your thoughts on the book? If you’ve read past Chapter 20 – no spoilers please!

I hope to have it finished by next Thursday…unless life gets in the way 🙂

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