WWW Wednesday

Weekly meme at shouldbereading.wordpress.com asks 3 questions every Wednesday. This where I’m at in my reading these days:

What are you currently reading?

The-Husbands-SecretThe Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty. I’ll be writing about my reading so far in tomorrow’s post, Bookish Thursdays





What did you recently finish reading?

Around Valentine’s day there were so many recommended “Swoon-worthy” reads that I had to jump in and start reading them. I’ve been reading Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series…and while they are definitely sweet and swoon-worthy, they are also leaving me a little bit troubled. I’m working on a post about this that will also be published on a Bookish Thursday soon.

What do you think you’ll read next?

I’ll probably finish the Bridgerton series or move on to The Accidental Bookclub by Jennifer Scott or The Glass Kitchen by Linda Francis Lee…not sure yet.


Wanna participate? Go to MizB’s blog via links above or leave comments below.

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25 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

    1. Thanks for stopping by. So far there are a few negative things about the book, but I’m mostly enjoying it. I will write about what I’ve read so far (Chapter 19 I think?) tomorrow. We’ll see how I feel when I finish it.


    1. I love novels about female friendships and relationships and about women’s experiences in modern society. I hope The Accidental Bookclub doesn’t disappoint. Thanks for stopping by!


    1. Thanks! I’ve been hearing mixed reactions to The Husband’s Secret and I’m only half way through…working on post now 🙂 Happy reading to you too.


  1. I am focused on reading non-fiction now. David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell and Mindset by Dr. Carol Dweck. I read primarily for my blog and the research I connect with my topics. Reading fiction or non-fiction is always positive!


  2. Husband’s Secret is on my TBR list–and I just saw Accidental Book Club at the bookstore today on my lunch hour! I didn’t buy it though-I was shopping for a gift for my mom and had promised myself that I wasn’t buying anything for ME on this trip.


    1. Wow, that is some self-restraint! I love books about friendships and the ins and outs of women’s lives in the modern era. I’m looking forward to The Accidental Book Club.


    1. Thanks! I think since I started reading the series like a decade (or more) after they were originally published I was able to read through it without having to wait for each book. I’ll probably post on it in about two weeks…still have 2 books left to read for it!


        1. True. There’s only so many “he looked at her just a second too long” that one can take. And the angst! Totally fun.


    1. I am. Usually reading time is in short spurts, long gone are the days where I could spend hours reading, but I love any reading time I get even more now. Thanks!


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