Why I Love “The Voice”

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I don’t normally write about television shows.  And, there are many shows that I have loved (Dexter! Game of Thrones! The Tudors!) – but not enough to bring them into my blog I guess.

I’ve really grown to dislike the “Competition/Reality T.V.” genre.  I find the people on these shows annoying and lacking in authenticity.

Having said that, I absolutely love The Voice.  I really like the concept of having extremely successful recording artists coach aspiring singers, instead of just criticizing them.  I like to watch the developing relationships and ultimately, the singing is of such great quality.  The performances make me hear songs in a whole different way – where I was once tired of a song, or hated a song – the singers on The Voice give it new life.

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The judges are just as fun to watch.  They take their role as coach seriously and are really invested in each singer’s success.  Their chemistry just works – funny banter, intense competition and overall great respect for the art that is singing.

Tonight’s episode was especially tough because each coach had to save one out of three team members to continue in the competition. Each coach delivered an impassioned speech to their competitors showing their deep admiration for their talents.  There were tears, lots of wriggling and evident discomfort in each coach’s chair at having to make such a decision. Even rejection and “loss” on this show is wrapped up in so much optimism and dignity that one can’t help but smile and feel good.

In a world where media loves to show the criticism and putting down of others; where audiences devour the humiliation of others; where television plays and replays the ugliest parts of human nature – The Voice is a breath of fresh air.  Effort is applauded.  Talent is supported.  Dignity is maintained.  Perseverance is encouraged.

It is nice to watch television for a little while and be left with a feeling of good energy and positivity.  A good measure of great music helps too.

What show(s) do you watch that leave you with that “feel good” vibe?

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4 thoughts on “Why I Love “The Voice”

  1. It’s lovely when you can feel like you share in something where someone is having their dream come true. It may sound cheesy but it’s absolutely true. Last season, I found myself almost wrapped up in Usher as he formed relationships with his team. The care he took with them and the investment he made…there’s nothing quite like it on television. I love The Voice!!


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