Finding Time To Read

From by Dave Berry

So many books and so little time to read them all.  I’ve stopped keeping a TBR list because it’s length has become daunting.

I like lists – because they help keep me organized and I can tick off items as I go and feel that I’ve accomplished something. I’ve been efficient.  I’ve completed goals.

When that list grows exponentially as I barely knock any items off – I feel stressed.  And, reading has always been a source of comfort and relaxation for me – never a stressor!  I’d like to keep it that way.

I’ve always LOVED night time reading and it was when I did most of my reading.  There was nothing better than getting into bed and promising myself that I’d only read for 10 minutes and getting so absorbed by the plot and characters that the next time I looked at the clock, two hours had gone by.  I am too exhausted for this type of reading session these days and need to change it up.

I need a new list – a list of ways I can squeeze in valuable reading time.  Here is my short plan of action:

  1. Download an audio book – I can listen to one while cooking or driving or doing laundry etc  (as long as my son isn’t around because it is when kids know they can’t have your attention that they want it the most. Immediately.)
  2. Stick to 10-15 minutes of night time reading – otherwise I’ll wake up hours later, glasses askew and drooling all over my book or e-reader having completely forgotten what I did manage to read.
  3. Create a quiet corner just for me – we are in the midst of preparing for a move (yay!) And, for our new home, I’ve purchased a pretty, comfortable chair in which I envision myself under a cozy blanket holding a great book.  Every so often I will sip my tea (or, wine after December – baby’s arrival), and look out the window onto our lovely garden. Ahh!
  4. Read while my husband watches the hockey game, or soccer game, or football game…instead of catching up on other things that can always wait, I can read.

There.  These are doable and will help me get back on track with one of my favourite things to do.  I can’t wait to get started.

How do you make time for reading?

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