What I’ve Been Reading

Wow…It’s been a long, long time. I’m re-learning wordpress and feeling like a newbie.

I haven’t stopped reading. I just can’t seem to get enough YA fiction. I picked up a few books that a few students recommended and ended up reading each series.

Veronica Roth’s novels had me engrossed for the month of January.  They were fast paced and fun to read.  I am very interested in seeing how the movie brings this world to life and looking forward to reading the last book of the trilogy.  I loved the strength and flaws of the protagonist – fun books.

Every time I picked up Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones at the book store I put it down and opted for a more adult read.  However, many of my students read the series and swore by it.  They promised no Bella (whatever her last name is – from Twilight).  I finally gave it a try.  I can’t say I fell in love with it – but I found the concept intriguing.  Also, it was the minor characters that most caught my attention and whose story I was most interested in.  I found Clary a little whiny and annoying with her desire to show her strength and her complete inability to humbly accept that perhaps she isn’t equipped to handle every situation.  And, then there’s the dark, brooding, gorgeous Jace.  I did feel sympathy for him, but that was quickly quelled every time he made fun of Simon.  I felt so sorry for Clary and Jace with the brother/sister story line – and rushed through City of Ashes because the whole idea was just plain gross.  Then, I just had to read City of Glass to make sure they weren’t related and at that point I had to admit I was pretty hooked and had to see this thing through.  I read all five books quickly and having fun every page of the way.  When I was left wanting more of the Shadowhunting world, I figured the next logical step (while I wait for book 6) was the Infernal Devices trilogy.

   Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess, in my opinion, surpassed the characters of the City of Bones books.  The characters were more rich, the relationships more complex and the heroine just as strong in character as her counterparts.  My students and I had some fun discussions around these books once curriculum talk was over.

It was cool to connect these characters to the ones in the present-day setting of the Mortal Instruments.  My only complaint, can Will Herondale really be that perfect?  Really?

All of these books are so much fun since they really tap into a girl’s awakening…as adolescent girls navigate their changing bodies, their emotional highs and lows, changing relationships with parents and friends and romantic love they learn their strengths, their limits, their beliefs and what they stand for.  These books give voice to that confusing time in a girl’s life by packaging it all into a really fun fantastical adventure.  The perfect boyfriend concept is what worries me…but I’m hoping readers are strong enough to see through that.

7 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Reading

    1. Thanks Christina. The Infernal Devices are a lot of fun to read. You obviously must suspend reality and perhaps engage your dormant teenage girl to fall for the male characters. Interested in hearing back if you do read them and what you think.


  1. I have a friend that chatted with me about The Mortal Instruments series so I thought I would give the books a try. Currently on book 5, I’ve read the books surprisingly fast and have enjoyed them so far. I enjoyed your review, I’ll be reading The Infernal Devices as well before the 6th book. 🙂


      1. Just watched the movie they made for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, I recommend not watching it. 😛 It reminded me of Twilight very much and was nothing like the book.


        1. Yeah, I was pretty excited to watch it but I was extremely disappointed. Everything was wrong and awkward as well. My partner has not read the book and within the first bit of the movie he had already guess everything because they gave it all away. You’re not missing anything. 😛


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