What I’ve Learned From Reading Trashy Books

1.  I really love strong, female characters that speak their mind – fortunately, only one of the books I’ve been indulging in had a weak heroine that succumbed to her counterpart’s charms…well, I guess they all eventually do, but at least the strong ones show great wit as they match wills with their romantic interest.

2.  I’m so happy to have been born in the twentieth century.  The constant reminders that in medieval times women were a breath away from being raped, beaten and slain made me very grateful for the evolution of human rights. (And, sad that many women in other parts of the world still live with this fear on a daily basis).

3.  I now know what chausses (men’s pants), kirtles (women’s dresses), chemises (women’s underclothes) and tabards (vest-like sweaters…kind of like tunics) are.

4.  I don’t have to read every word of a book to “get it” – skimming through unneccesarily-descriptive parts to get to the good parts no longer induces discomfort or guilt.

5.  Too much trash is bad for you – as with food and bad television, bad books cause your brain to implode.  It was a great escape when I needed the break – and, now I know where to turn when life gets really stressful.  But, I am in need of a read that will offer me insights greater than how the touch of a man can cause a woman’s skin to quiver 🙂

What do you learn from your guilty pleasures?

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5 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned From Reading Trashy Books

  1. Hello Karen! How are you? I’m not really a book person but I’ve decided that next year, I will do my best to read a book! I’ve been contemplating on which book to start without my brain exploding haha. I love all these new terms you’ve learned, I’ve pretty much heard them and seen them from watching old English movies here hehe. Anywho, I hope you’re keeping well and if you have any books you can recommend for me, let me know!

    Have a great Thursday!

    xx Donah


    1. Thanks Donah! I’ve been doing well – very busy getting ready for Christmas. If you like old Engish classics, anything by Jane Austen. If you like young adult fiction, The Hunger Games trilogy is lots of fun. Have a fantastic Christmas holiday!


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