Summer Comes to An Unofficial End

Technically, the fall equinox does not occur until September 22 this year and will mark the beginning of fall and the end of summer.

Puh-leez! We all know that summer unofficially ends this labour day weekend.

We can all feel it…with school starting next Tuesday, the back-to-school commercials that have been airing since July 31st (I was in shock when I saw it air before August!) and the ever-so-slight change in the weather.  The sun is choosing to slip into the horizon earlier every evening and the air is definitely fresher…less humid.

We are all eyeing those knee-high boots and chunky sweaters in store windows wondering when it will be cold enough to wear them without looking like idiots wearing boots and sweaters in thirty degree weather. (that’s Celsius).

The end of summer means good-bye to easy flip-flops, funky pedicures and that healthy summer glow.  It also means a return to schedules, routines, and the never-ending question: “what the hell am I making for dinner tonight?”  I can hear the clanking of iron bars as they lock into place around me when I envision my September life.  Fun time is over.

Or, is it?

My life will be much more scheduled.  I go back to work as a high school English teacher – where I cease to be Karen for 8 hours every day and become simply “Miss!”  – please add whine and you’ll get the intonation just right –

My life will be divided into 80-minute chunks of time and I will know (more-or-less) what every day will look like.  It is all under my control…that is until Jonathan decides to walk out of class because he can’t take anymore of this “English bullshit” or Tamara tells off Shawna in class because of something she said on FB – yes, both of these things have happened.

Regardless, I find I work better with a schedule.  I have many friends who are great at flying-by-the-seat-of-their-pants.  I envy them because I have to plan to be spontaneous.

The fall brings with it luscious colour.  I love, love, love the changing colours of the leaves.  It is so much more fun now that my son is 3 – we can make enormous piles of cranberry, bronze and copper leaves and jump in!  We can go for fall hikes and crunch the leaves to our hearts’ content.  Who says physical activity ends in the fall?

Fall hikes.  My favourite.  I have a tradition with a group of friends that is going into its ninth or even (gasp!) tenth year now….we always make a date for a long fall hike that ends perfectly at the coziest pub you have ever seen.   We walk, we eat, we drink.  It is (almost) worth the end of summer.

Even though I complain every day about the whole dinner making thing…I’m looking forward to the yummy types of squash to be roasted or pureed in soup. Delish hearty stews with chunky bread and a robust glass of Cabernet. Yum! As much as I delight in the first bbq of the season, fall family dinners are just as welcome. With thanksgiving in about 7 weeks, (in Canada we celebrate the holiday in October), a really great turkey dinner is soon to arrive.

And, really, it is so much easier to wrap up the left-overs and have them ready to be taken for lunch the next day, than have to think about making lunch every day like I’ve had to all summer. (there’s only so many tuna salads I can take).

Even though I am sad that time for me, my life, my family will be swallowed up by my career again next Tuesday, I am envisioning the wicked schedules I will create while wearing the newest boots in my collection and planning the next awesome fall hike as I drink a glass of Shiraz.

So, I guess, fall ain’t so bad.

Happy Labour Day weekend to all!  Do our last summer long weekend good!

Are you feeling any bitter-sweet feelings about the winding down of summer and beginning of fall?

3 thoughts on “Summer Comes to An Unofficial End

  1. There are quite a few places where kids started school on the first of August (places that do the year-round schooling). My kids went back this past Monday.

    Although I can’t deny that Fall is a beautiful season, I really need to live someplace where it’s Summer all the time. Like Costa Rica. I’m already missing the relaxing days before the kids went back to school, and I am really not looking forward to colder weather.


    1. True. I can’t complain about the longer summer when others started weeks ago…Year-round summer does sound great, except a really love fall and spring too much to give them up. And, what’s Christmas without snow?


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