I Can’t Do It…I Won’t Do It…

I cannot finish reading Fifty Shades of Grey.  When I started reading this book, I groaned  but thought I could battle through it. It has completely killed all of my reading motivation.

Battle through a book?  My time is too precious for that.  I love reading too much and love good books too much to finish this rubbish.

Can’t do it.  Won’t do it.

That’s 2 books on my “Could Not Finish” list…and, surprisingly, I’m totally okay with that.

Was there a book that just killed your reading spirit?

19 thoughts on “I Can’t Do It…I Won’t Do It…

      1. Completely agree — there seems to be an idea out there in the industry that longer is better. At least, that a book has to be a certain number of words. I think readers will read any length book if it’s good, and won’t if it’s not.


  1. I also have two books that I just refused to keep reading–Wolf Hall (Mantel) and In Cold Blood (Capote). I will usually finish a book once I’ve started it, but I disliked both of them that much.


    1. Haha! I see we are reading each other’s blogs – I just commented on yours! it’s truly awful. What a waste of paper. Curious – how far in are you?


      1. Yeah 🙂 I always try to actually follow people back when I have time to read them 🙂 It is such crap. I’m at chapter 4 or 5 or something. I’m going to try and finish it so I can publish a review on it but man it’s been so difficult. I just read a FB comment from my cousin who read it and is trying to get a hold of the sequels. I just don’t get it?? Am I missing something? How about you? How far in are you? x


        1. I’m about 60 pages in and I hate it! I read their first sexual encounter – sure it was steamy…but the rest of the story makes me want to gag. Can’t seem to connect to the characters at all. I’ve heard that there’s a whole revelation about Christian’s childhood which explains why he is the way he is. But, I don’t care! He’s a control freak and not likeable – no matter how many times Ana says he’s gorgeous. I find it very hard to like a book when I cannot connect to the characters in some way. I don’t think you’re missing anything – I know many people who feel the same way. Good luck finishing it! I will find out how it ends when I read your review. 🙂


        2. I know right! No sexual encounters yet, but seriously, I was 3 chapters in and NOTHING happened. And how is it normal to be excited that he showed up the hardware store she works at? How did she know where he works? Does no one think about what a stalker he is??? It’s creepy. And she doesn’t see the red flags. I just think she’s a bitch and a moron. Plus who hates their best friend? She’s a jerk. Ugh lol ok /end rant. Ya Ihope you enjoy the review once I get a chance to not vomit my way through this book x


  2. I’ve heard many people say the same thing as you, even if they attempted FSoG out of simple curiosity about the hype. The whole premise of submission (misogyny?) turned me off from the start. It’s supposed to be very horrible writing as well, and I will not waste my precious reading time either.


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