Top Ten Posts That Most Tell You About Me!

(a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish)

This week we have been asked to list the top ten blog posts that are most telling of our personalities.  I vary from very serious about the books I read, to passionate about certain topics and occasionally, I allow my cheeky side to come through – I think the more comfortable I become with blogging, the more of that will come out.

1.  Wannabe Lisbeth Salander: I read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy at the beginning of the year and got a little obsessed with Lisbeth Salander.  She is so cool and smart and doesn’t give a shit about anything.  Awesome.

2.  A woman’s life: the more I write this blog, the more I realize just how much a woman’s life, roles, expectations placed upon her and those she has of herself, intrigue me.  I love books about the way women choose to live their life and books that showcase our strength.  I love writing about it too.  This post is an article I wrote that shows just that.

3.  The article Women Still Can’t Have It All gets me going:  see above.

4. Using a toddler book to understand teenagers:  I reviewed Harvey Karp PhD.’s Happiest Toddler on the Block and showed its applicability to teaching high school students.  I love this post because it was so much fun to write and it really showed me that I can do this.

5.  Mothers in Literature: part of my mother’s day gift included time to write (which is so precious) and I remember spending part of that Sunday morning writing this post – it was also included in The Major Genre Daily.

6. Teaching Inspired: I was inspired by another blogger and told a story about reading an entire novel to my English class.  Yes.  I read every word aloud to a high school English class because some in the class had admitted to never having read a book.

7.  I couldn’t finish a book:  this has never happened.  I hated the protagonist and I really struggled with giving my honest opinion.

8.  I get on a soap box:  and tell a story about a man who was belittled by his teacher in elementary school.

9.  My view on the age-old debate movie vs. book: tough one with movies being so good now and it sometimes depends upon which you experience first.

10.  Kate Chopin: I just started reading her this year!  And, I love all her writing.  The Awakening, Short Stories and other musings.

So far, these are my ten.  Any thoughts?

Share yours with me in the comments below or at The Broke and the Bookish through the above link.

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Posts That Most Tell You About Me!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. It is pretty incredible how much our lives have changed and I’m looking forward to the way they will continue to change…and how literature will capture that. Will def stop by.


    1. Thanks. It was strange at first…I was reading to seventeen year-olds – grade 12 students. I felt so sad that this was their first reading experience, but I really did my best to make it a good one. And, some of them picked up a novel of their own afterwards…some of them did not. All I can do is expose them to the incredible world(s) that reading opens to them. Thanks for reading!


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