And the winner is…

Moon Point is a quirky movie about love, the lengths we go to for love and the lessons we learn along the way.  It was produced and directed by Sean Cisterna. He also directed The Danger Bees music video for Awkward Guy.

Both of these films picked up some serious hardware the other night at the York Region Multimedia Film Festival winning Best Drama, Best Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Cinematography and First Place in the Feature Film trailer competition.

If you haven’t seen the newly “award winning” video by The Danger Bees yet, it’s here:

Recently, The Mind Reels, posted a review of Moon Point; you may wish to read it in it’s entirety to gain a better understanding of the movie.  A good summary of the movie was provided:

“Darryl Strozka (played by new-comer Nick McKinlay) is a twenty-something stuck in a point of his life that we all drift through a some point. He’s directionless, jobless and loveless, and he’s emotionally stuck at the age of 10. A point that none of his family are willing to let go, and seem to bring up ad nauseam, especially when they compare him to his cousin Lars.  We meet Darryl and Lars at an engagement party for Lars…When pressured and belittled about who he’s bringing to the wedding, Darryl reveals that he’s going to bring minor celebrity Sarah Cherry (Kristen Gutoskie)  as his date.  You see, they have a history, brilliantly illustrated through flashback, and some of the most enjoyable parts of the film… Sure it was when they were 10, but if he still hasn’t gotten over it, then maybe she hasn’t either.  Sarah is shooting a low-budget horror movie a couple of towns over in Moon Point, but without a job to pay for transport, and without a license to drive, how will he get there?  Darryl enlists the help of his handicapped friend, nicknamed Femur…and using his motorized wheel-chair towing a wagon, they set out on a trip that will redefine both of them.” (courtesy of The Mind Reels)

It’s always nice when talent is recognized.  Congratulations Sean and all others who shared in your accomplishment.

Is there someone in your life who has done something creative and outstanding?

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