Armchair BEA: Beyond the Blog

Yesterday’s topic:  Beyond the Blog.  At this point in my blogging venture my gains have been entirely personal.

Books: I find myself reading things I would not have normally read.  I teach many classics during the day…so I certainly would not have sat myself down to read classic literature in my free time.  I am doing just that and (for the most part) am enjoying it…I have found a few books that I would love to bring into the classroom.  I am reading literature I never would’ve tried before: historical fiction and thrillers. 

Blogging: I had always heard about blogs.  I knew people wrote blogs.  But I had no idea what this whole business was about.  I felt like an infant blindly navigating wordpress and becoming giddy when I discovered how to insert images or add hyperlinks.  It was a peculiar mixture of exhilaration and feeling pathetically outdated.  Nonetheless, I happily continue in my writing and blogging journey.

Blogs: In my real life, I discuss teaching strategies, classroom management strategies, literacy scores, and of course, the books we teach.  Rarely, do we get the chance (or, create the chance) to truly discuss the books we’ve read that we love – it’s always about the job.  I am learning so much from this community of book bloggers and writing bloggers.  There is a wealth of knowledge in every blog I read.  I love hearing the passion in your writing about books and writing.  I’ve always felt like a bit of a nerd for my love of literature, reading and writing…but in this space it feels fantastic.

Social Media: I only started on Facebook a year ago. The main purpose was to keep in touch with family in Colombia and U.S. I realize that linking facebook to my blog is probably a good idea, but I’m not comfortable with having my two worlds collide.  I may have to start a facebook page just for writing and blogging – perhaps when I have more time (because of course more time will just spontaneously arrive).  I started with Twitter about a year ago as well.  I wasn’t really sure how to use it or what the purpose of it was.  Honestly, it wasn’t until my husband began to tweet that I understood its potential.  I love reading Twitter, catching up on tweets and all the interesting news and information posted.  My own challenge is to tweet more (again, when more time is magically created for me).

The Courage to Write More: creating my blog brought me back to my first love: writing.  I love teaching; adolescents are hilarious and make for some pretty fantastic stories, but my real passion lies in writing.  My blog has proven to me (if I may), that I’m good at it, that I can reach others with what I write.  And, so it has given me the courage to call myself a writer, to start sending out queries and familiarizing myself with the writing game.  Perhaps it might turn into a career change or at the very least, an opportunity to do more of what I love in different arenas.

 How have you moved Beyond the Blog? Looking forward to reading responses here and on your own blogs.

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