Armchair BEA: Ask for Advice and Give a Tip

Today’s Armchair BEA post is designed for less experienced bloggers (like me) to ask a question about blogging and for more experienced bloggers to share advice.

I feel like I’ve read so much information already throughout this conference, that I’m finding it difficult to formulate questions.  But, there are a few:

1.  How do you know that the questions at the end of your post will prompt discussion?

2.  Does a blogging schedule work for you or do you post at random, whenever fancy strikes?

3.  Do you tend to return a “follow” automatically, or check out a blog before doing so?

4.  How do I create a cool button and header image?

I am by no means an experienced blogger, but I have learned to stay true to me, find my own voice/writing style – a phony is easy to spot.  And, read what I like. This was a tough one at first because I thought I had to read what was current and all the rage.  Not so – that’s what makes this so much fun.  These same pieces of advice have been echoed in other blogs, particularly, Heather @ Between the Covers and A Bookworm’s Life.

Thanks for everyone who visited this week.  Hope all of this back and forth won’t end with the conclusion of Armchair BEA.

10 thoughts on “Armchair BEA: Ask for Advice and Give a Tip

  1. For buttons and header images, I use a free download called PhotoScape. You can do all kinds of cool things with it. Other people use PhotoShop, but I’ve never taken the time to sit down and learn how to use it. PhotoScape has done everything I’ve needed it to do.

    Thank you for mentioning me!


  2. Good idea with the blogging questions. I’m still learning as I go, but one thing that’s helped me enormously is to have a regular blog schedule. I read via a wordpress email that this helps readers know what to expect. this is true, and the flip side is that it also helps me manage everything. I can fit in the blog around working because I know what I’m doing and when. Doesn’t mean to say I’d have the odd random blog post if the mood takes me, but it helps keep me focussed. Helps keep me writing too – my favourite thing!


    1. Yes, I noticed your blog schedule. It is a nice way to keep your followers (or potential followers) informed as to what you write about. I would need to map out a plan for that. Thanks for the feedback.


  3. Really great questions! I didn’t even think of the buttons and headers, I would love to create some myself!

    In answer to your third question, I usually check their site out after getting the “like” and most often follow them back 🙂


  4. Good tips! As a fellow newbie I have learned that this blogging format isn’t really a popularity contest…it is about sharing your voice with like minded people and gaining from their insights as well. I definitely check out a blog before I sign up to follow. And…I would hope that when someone signs up to follow my blog they have done so because they enjoy the things that I write about and how it is presented. I am drafting a post about…this very thing! I appreciate your post and the helpful tip about making buttons. Thanks!


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