Thank You and Slight Change to Book Marks

Thank you so much to the bloggers and others who have decided to follow my blog.  It’s awesome to see that people actually want to read what I write and like it enough to hit follow.  I truly appreciate every single follower and will keep adding you to my “Friends” page.

I wasn’t really sure about my vision for this blog when I started it last September.  I initially thought it would be fun to turn it into a book club, but that hasn’t really caught on.  Or, at least people who have read any of the books haven’t really commented on them.

I’m sure I could do more, blog more about the book club books – but, it’s becoming more stressful than it is fun.  So, I will no longer be doing a book club at Book Marks.  I will keep blogging about the books I read as well as other life-as-related-to-books topics I may wish to ponder.

Thanks to those who have read the books and I will be putting out my summer 2012 reading list soon – feel free to follow along with that and watch out for the reviews.

Thanks and happy reading everyone!

2 thoughts on “Thank You and Slight Change to Book Marks

  1. I love discussing books with people and was very excited to see that you do reviews and speak in general about books and literature. I look forward to your summer reading list and hope I can read some along with you!

    And thank you for following my blog!!


    1. You’re welcome! I love that you blog about the truth about motherhood. As for the books, I just love to read and talk about it too. I hope you like something on the summer reading list…I tried to pick subjects that would apply to all tastes and books that I want to read.


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