Don’t Resist – A Tweet by Joseph Arthur

Sometimes it’s best not to resist where the universe wants you to go, afterall we’re just specks in the infinite – Joseph Arthur

Joseph Arthur tweeted this a few days ago.  My husband, an avid fan of the man and the music, retweeted it.  I loved it as soon as I read it.

Too many times we get caught up in what we want, that we fail to see that we should just be.  Have you ever had that feeling in your chest, that tightness and stress while you were doing something you just didn’t want to do?  But, you did it anyway, meanwhile you knew you were meant to be doing something else even though that something else was absolutely nothing at all?  And then, when you finally do go with it, everything seems better, easier – you are lighter…like you should always feel…

When you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, drop what you’re doing and breathe.  No one is indispensible – except at home.  Regardless of how important we believe our jobs are, our committments are – nothing is more important than the committment to ourselves and our family.  That is what matters…because there is nothing more humbling than realizing that we are just specks…that we aren’t as important as we’d like to think we are…it’s also so very relieving to accept that.

Anyway, please pardon my psuedo-spiritual/psychological-advisor-rant I just loved Joseph Arthur’s tweet.

Do you have a favourite quote or a quote you’ve recently come across that fired you up?

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