From Book to E-Reader

I am attempting to write this post from my shiny new BlackBerry playbook. It has taken me longer to write these two sentences than my entire last post. this is gonna take a while.

I am fascinated by my new toy and am thoroughly annoyed as I type on the keyboard because everytime I hit the letter a I end up with caps. anyways (where’d the caps go?) as I play with my toy I eagerly search out all the ebook apps, but decide to stick with the Kobo app that  comes with the Playbook.

I have stopped writing on my Playbook.  I revert to the comfort and speed of the keyboard on my laptop.

So, maybe I won’t take to writing on Playbook, but I love everything else about it.  The screen is easy to use and just sensitive enough.  I have quick access to all of the ways I communicate with my friends and family.  It is so much fun to scroll my way through different apps, have various windows open at the same time and have access to my BlackBerry Torch.  It is definitely user friendly.  However, since I found it difficult to type anything longer than a few words in a search box…I question whether I will take to reading on it?

I can’t seem to picture myself curled up with a large screen instead of a book.  With a book I get to run my fingers over the cover, delight in turning to my bookmark – normally a make-shift folded piece of paper, post-it or old card – and smile as I dive back into the story at hand.

Can I change the way I see reading as I have changed my way of collecting photos in files and displaying them on screens?  As I changed from calling all the time to emailing all the time to texting all the time?  As I changed when I finally decided to join the ranks on facebook and twitter?

I think I can and I am excited about it.

We are creatures of habit – but these habits can be broken…or, at the very least, they can evolve.  I will always love to read and the idea of carrying around all of my favourite books with me all the time is delicious indeed.  I am eagerly looking for the perfect book to begin my e-reader experience.  I am debating between a classic, one of my favourites or something completely new and therefore, define the experience as completely new like a bold line separating the old me curled up with a book and the new me curled up with a small screen.

I’m not sure how reading on an e-reader will affect my reaction to a book.  But, I am looking forward to finding out…I just have to find the right book….any suggestions?

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