Reading Guide for Chapters 11-14

As you can tell from my previous post, my feelings on this novel are mixed; and I am looking forward to its conclusion, not just because I am becoming annoyed with Dex & Em, but because I am interested in reading responses to the end of this book.  Next week I will post on chapters 11-14 with the following ideas in mind:

  • The direction of each character’s career – expected or not?
  • Why is Dexter so taken with Sylvie? Are you convinced of Sylvie’s perfection?
  • Who on earth plays games like “Are you the Moriarty”?
  • Tilly Killick’s wedding – Emma and Dexter’s reunion, the maze & Dexter’s news
  • Is the state of Sylvie and Dexter’s relationship all that surprising?

Happy Reading!

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