Guide for Chapters 5-7

We will continue our reading of One Day by David Nicholls this week with Chapters 5-7.  Here are a few things that you might want to take note of as you read.  I will include these in my post next Thursday Oct. 20.  Hope the reading is going well!

Please drop me a line in case amount of reading needs to be adjusted.

Chapters 5-7:

  • Why does Emma seem to fight things so much – her desire for Dexter, her own femininity?
  • Reactions to Emma and Dexter’s “Rules of Engagement” and flirting throughout their trip
  • Reactions to Dexter’s proposition to Emma and her response
  • Chapter 6 “Chemical”: Dexter’s drug/alcohol abuse, how he deals with the illness of his mother, relationship with himself and his father?
  • So, do you like Ian Whitehead? Why would Emma go on a date with him?
  • Dexter’s desperate need for Emma and subsequent call to Naomi

Happy Reading!

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